LIMITED EDITION: The Christmas Cleanse (6 Juices & 1 Shot)

LIMITED EDITION: The Christmas CleanseūüéÖ

We all know that the holidays are a time of indulgence and guilty pleasures. That is why we have formulated this limited edition Christmas Cleanse designed to make you feel lighter and less bloated after all your holiday pleasures. 

Including all our newest additions to the menu, try this out for a limited time only. 

What's Included:

  • Shot Stuff (60ml) x 1
  • Easy Greens (500ml) x 1
  • Celery Juice (500ml) x 1
  • Magic Mushroom (500ml) x 1
  • Watermelon Juice (500ml) x 1
  • Bee-Beautiful (500ml) x 1
  • Liquid Gold (500ml) x 1

Total Calorie Count Per Day : 650 Kcal 

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