Why is Summer a Good Time to Detox?

Starting a juice cleanse can be a very exciting time for anyone. Maybe you want to lose some weight, detox, or just get healthier? So now that you’re on the bandwagon and want to get started, what’s next?

Do you ever wonder what’s the best time of year to do a juice cleanse?

Summer just may just be the best time to do a juice cleanse because it’s hot, so naturally something cold and refreshing sounds good. Also, most people tend to stay outdoors during this time so eating something heavy like a chicken dinner can’t always strike a person’s interest. A nice, ice cold, and light juice sounds like it would hit the spot. Plus, you can lose those extra stubborn pounds in the process. One more thing, you will most likely have an abundance of produce including tropical pineapples, juicy apple, refreshing cucumber, and crisp romaine lettuce. Yum!

Why is Summer a Good Time to Detox?

  • When it is warm, it is easier for the body to be in a detox process.
  • Eating raw and light food is what we already crave in the summer.
  • There are so many fresh organic fruit and vegetables available so you can eat a wide variety of fresh produce.
  • When it is hot outside, we are eliminating by sweating and this means we are naturally releasing toxins.
  • We all like to look great in shorts or a bathing suit so there is motivation.
  • You may have a lighter workload, so summer can be the perfect time for you to detox all of you….your body, mind and soul.

Now that you're convinced, jump on a cleanse with us. You won't regret it