Post Cleanse

During the cleanse you have reset, rid and re-built by drinking nourishing 100% raw, cold-pressed juice blends, and our antioxidant rich Almond Milk, and AVOIDING solid food.  Now that the cleanse is complete, you are ready to reintroduce solids into your body.

But not so fast!

Be gentle on your system.  SLOWLY add solid foods back into your daily diet.  Here are some suggestions on what to eat on days one through five after your juice cleanse:

 Day 1:Take it slow.

Stick to fresh squeezed juice, cucumber, celery, avocado or vegetable broth.  Continue to hydrate with water and herbal teas.

 Day 2: Keep it raw.

Eat raw fruits, raw (or lightly steamed) vegetables (mostly greens), and seeds.

 Day 3: Light starch, please.

Now you can add salads (more raw than cooked) and small portions of brown rice or starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and squash.

 Day 4: Something fishy going on.

Reintroduce lean meats and fish.

 Day 5: Now you can eat anything and everything you want...

...NOT! Now that you've cleansed, you don't want to undo all of your hard work. Hopefully you'll take what you've learned after your walk on the wild and raw side of food and apply it to your everyday eating habits.  The benefits of juicing are amazing – stick with it by adding Organic Press juices into your daily diet.