3 Don'ts On A Juice Detox

Seeing as how we're on the brink of a health crisis, a rise in healthy eating attitudes is now a common one. There are many articles and journals detailing the specifics of a life addicted to processed foods, and what the many benefits of making the switch to a healthy one are. The problem with this, is that for beginners to the subject, it can be an overwhelming amount of information to take in. What juices are they meant to go for? What ingredients are effective for which purposes?

Don't get crippled by the load of information that comes your way. Sometimes, the best way to head out and try something new, is to tell yourself what not to do. That way, you remember exactly how to steer in the right direction. So if you are new to the concept of a juice cleanse, there's nothing to stress about. You just need to remember the following don'ts during a juice diet.

Don't Go All In At Once

One of the reasons many who try juice cleanses for the first time aren't enough fans to try it a second time round, is because they suddenly jumped into it. Which isn't the way to go about it at all. What you should be doing, is working on your cleanse from at least two weeks in advance. In other words, you should mostly stick to healthy eating until the day of your juice cleanse. You need to help your body along. Steer clear of processed foods, any kind of junk foods, and instead stick to mainly fresh fruits and vegetables.

Don't Go More Than 3 Days At Once

More experienced juice cleansers go for over 3 days, but that too is controlled depending on each person. Beginners are certainly not advised to go beyond 3 days, at least, not until they have embark on juice cleanses periodically afterwards. Your body will become lethargic, and crave solid foods because it'll lack energy. Instead of depriving it of this and feeling utterly miserable yourself, limit your juice cleanse to a reasonable length of time. You also reap the benefits this way, rather than engaging in it pointlessly.

Don't Gorge At The End Of It

If you're planning to make up for all the doughnuts and pizzas you couldn't have after the cleanse is done, then there really isn't much use in you starting one in the first place. You will undo all the good you've done over the 3 weeks, including the preparation time for before the cleanse. You should be mindful of what you eat afterwards, so you don't throw your body off balance again. In fact, your body will probably not react well either, especially with these changes affecting it constantly. Follow a diet that's both healthy, and includes a cheat meal occasionally so you maintain consistency throughout.

We've got an extensive array of juices available for different types of juicing aficionados. Embrace a new and refreshing way of life, healing your body from the inside out. If you need guidance, don't hesitate to ask, we're here to help!