Should you be incorporating them in your diet? Short answer - Yes.

First let's get started with Probiotics and how they support your body and immune system. 

Probiotics are important because they help support your microbiome, the community of trillions of bacteria that live within your body, helping it function at peak health and wellness. Probiotics are live microorganisms found in bacteria, yeast or fungi, and when taken in large doses can help improve and maintain the health of your gastrointestinal tract. This friendly bacteria is essential for maintaining good health and vitality.

When friendly bacteria predominate, you glow with health. Your weight stays at a healthy level, your metabolism hums, your energy overflows, and you feel optimistic, clear, and focused. Your immune system is in terrific shape, helping stave of infections and illness.

When unfriendly bacteria dominate, however, you struggle along. You gain weight and can’t seem to lose it. You crave sugar. You’re vulnerable to yeast infections, not to mention colds, flu, acne, and numerous other symptoms. You feel fatigued and can experience what I call feeling tired and wired. You might struggle with anxiety and depression. The unfriendly bacteria that have hijacked your microbiome are undermining your health and well-being.

So how do you eliminate the unfriendly bacteria that’s making you feel crummy and preventing you from losing weight? You can take probiotics to add millions of friendly bacteria to your microbiome.

With that being said, an Organic Press Probiotic Greens Juice contains your daily recommended dose of Probiotics which contain billions of active bacteria to aid in gut health. If you're looking for a low fructose highly concentrated green juice, then the Organic Press Probiotic Greens is the way to go. 

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