September 14, 2017

Purify. Slim It Down. Rejuvenate.

Finding it difficult to set time for working out? Have you tried resorting a minimal diet and found it impossible to simply stick by?

Juice detox is a quick way to get rid of all the impurities in your system and will also help you get into a routine of eating healthy food, while at the same time receiving natural nutrients, enzymes and vitamins free of preservatives and other chemicals into your body. Most detox routines will start from 3 days and you are free to go on for any number of days as you prefer, though it is always advisable to start with a short period of time, a day or a couple of hours if you are new.

Juice diet has facilitated a detox process to be easier and more convenient especially for those who work, as while at work it is difficult to maintain a diet and you will always feel prone to eat at your tuck shop or to go out for lunch with your colleagues, continuously straying for your diet. Our products have not only made it easier for you to stick to your body cleansing diet, but also provides you the option of getting these juices delivered to your doorstep, and even with the same day if you place your order prior to 11 am in the morning! Our delivery services are completely free throughout Dubai, which simply keeps no other obstacles from simply picking up your phone and placing an order with us.

Detox is not plainly a process that can clean your body but will also give you a positive mindset and boost your confidence throughout the day. It will make you feel good inside and also boost energy levels that will keep you brisk even at work.

You shouldn't forget the benefits that juice detox brings to your skin, it will help you to brighten your skin and give it that natural glow which will appear with the high intake of nutrients contained in the juice you will consume. Detox will also help to with acne prone or dry skin. With the Dubai heat, and the levels of moisturizing we have to keep up with all day through, juice diets as minimal as it sounds, will have a positive effect in treating your skin from the inside, without having to constantly settle for using external moisturizing products, which are only a temporary effect.

September 07, 2017

Settling Down With A Juice Diet!

For the longest time now, sticking to a healthy meal plan and keeping a fit body has been all of our goals.

Yet getting to this goal has been rather difficult because each one of us has a different prospect that we look for when it comes to sticking to a meal plan until juice diets started to make its mark!
While some of us are simply okay with losing a couple of pounds, others want to detox their bodies which may require a different type of diet even though maybe have testified as to the fact that detoxing does result in weight loss too. Some of us further go on to cut out certain types of food which are known to cause acne, food ranging from chocolate to dairy and thus are in the search of ways to combat such issues and at the same time find a substitute, which is not only healthy but also tempting and delicious.

You know what they say; healthy food is generally the hardest to follow by when it comes to a daily plan. What with the recent introduction of juice diets in Dubai, the results and fame of this diet is simply off the charts! With the various options provided through our company, that ranges in all types of fruits and vegetables such as carrot, watermelon, ginger etc. you will have a wide choice to pick from thus making the diet so much more favorable.

It is essential to also realize as to the vitality of going on a juice detox or diet in Dubai, as it not only allows the body to rid its impurities and hydrate in the most natural organic way, but will also allow you to rejuvenate and receive much need nutrients into your system instantly.

The specialty of our juices being that it is cold pressed has allowed us to create products that are packed with not just essential vitamins but also with its most original flavor, unharmed by artificial sweeteners or any sugar at all, which also screams that it is highly sugar free. You can notice the significant difference between the hydraulic press and a regular juicer as the hydraulic press results in the using of the whole fruit which turns into a fine pulp, which in turn nourishes and enhances the flavors.

August 30, 2017

Choosing The Right Juice Diet

juice diet in Dubai

If you want to begin a juice diet in Dubai and aren't sure as to which product to start with, how about looking into which traits need to be present in your ideal diet to make it the most effective?
We have explored different factors that most of us find trouble with, such as the need to find organic produce present in the products, or else the preservatives incorporated may bear a negative result. Or even if organic products are used, most juice diets will have a manufacturing process which will cause the texture and properties of the juice to not be in its purest undisturbed form, distancing itself from the most organic state it could be in. ideally, this type of juice diet wouldn't be the best type of product to go for, as you will not be able to reap the maximum results off of it.

Some of us may even worry as to if the process to start a juice detox in Dubai may be troublesome as to the steps that need to be done prior to this, but with our products, all one has to do is rid the meat based food a couple of days prior and prepare for days of vegetarian diet. Food that contains starch too should be avoided two days prior to commencing this diet for maximum and most effective results.  However while it also recommended when you pick a programme of diet or a course, you should pick our programmes that go on for 3 day to 5 days, it best not to have juice diets in prolonged sessions as the lack of protein in your body may have adverse effects depending on how used you are to staying vegan. Pregnant women too are discouraged from consuming these products, as even though they remain 100% raw and organic, the fact that it remains raw could have bacteria which may affect the embryo.

In an honest line of thought, you should know that this process, as rewarding as it can be, will not be almost impossible to follow on the first day of consumption but well into the second day, it will be a little uncomfortable and you may feel hungry, but by the third day you will notice a peace of mind and feel really revitalized from deep within. These results too will vary, but a good juice diet will give out these outcomes. While training and working out in an extensive scale is not recommended during this course of diet, light forms of yoga will bear no strain on your daily activities.

We further also provide nut milks and ensure that all our produce is home grown. The ultimate goal of this entire programme of detoxing and dieting being for internal cleansing as well as to lose a few pounds, is fully controlled by only completely organic means, as our cold pressed juices bear no artificial traits, and do last to its premium freshness up to 3 days.  We deliver these juices in cold preserved modes of transport, in order to guarantee that its promise of the freshest juice diet in Dubai remains true to its best capability. As mindful as one must be in picking out the appropriate diet for themselves, our juice certainly matches all the traits essential for the maximum effect. 

August 24, 2017

Living The Healthy Life

What does living the healthy life mean? Does that mean that we have to scrap off all carbs and only stick to veges and fruits? Do we have to become vegan? How about meat? Does that have to be scraped off too, because of the fat and toxins? What about working out and protein shakes?

This question surrounds our day to day lives and no one really has the answer. We follow different opinions of friends and family and commercials but don't really seek advice from professionals who can really help us in maintaining a good figure and eating healthy. The other mistake we do is, following other people's diet plans! These should never be followed because the person with the diet plan has a diet plan which suits their body and this isn't going to suit you even though you may be of the same age or weight.

While going on diet may seem easier than spending time working out, working out shouldn't be totally forgotten when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle as it will help you rid toxins from your body and keep you energized throughout the day. However, most of us simply can't find the time for this! So we end up going on diet.

Dieting right is the key.

It's about eating smaller portions of food, and not scrapping food altogether. But this seems tiresome too especially when you want to go out and enjoy your favorite meal at your go-to restaurant. How about giving juice diets a go?

This will solve all the above problems.

Cold pressed juices in Dubai have become infamous through our products and remain popular for the premium quality and effectiveness we provide. You can go for different flavour blends and types of drinks as we provide a large range of them. Our three day or five day programmes are more than enough to start with and once you will more comfortable with the drinks and staying away from heavy meals you can go for longer juice diets.
The specialty being in the making of the juices, our process makes sure that the juice stays completely pure with no preservatives which make it totally organic. The juice is only minimally exposed to air and not exposed to heat at all.

Our services include delivery throughout Dubai and we promise you that our products remain super fresh when you receive it! So while it is hard to always cut out each food that maybe unhealthy, going on regular juice diets will help your body to get rid of toxins and rejuvenate from within.

The fact that our products have a 72 hour shelf life is proof that our products are certainly the freshest juices you could find in the market. Our site also gives you an exciting discount for your first purchase! The site further contains package options if you want to buy a whole set of drinks for a whole program at once as it's easier to make one purchase than having to keep going back to order more. Our drinks stand out amongst our competitors because we produce them with care and finesse through this cold pressed method.

August 24, 2017

Dieting The Right Way

Is there a right way to diet? Isn't dieting seriously bad for our health? What about the side effects of dieting such as gastritis and other sicknesses?

The word "diet" is commonly seen in a negative light because many of us don't follow a diet in the right way or in a way which is prescribed only for us by a professional. It could be a dietician for example. What we end up following is a diet sheet of someone else's and we simply assume that the same diet will work for us! This is why most of these diets end up leaving us sick or without any results.

So what really is a right way to diet? And how has dieting grown to be a more enjoyable experience over the recent years? While the right way to diet is by getting rid of junk food, excess carbohydrates and artificial sugar drinks, the trend has been set with the introduction of juice detox in Dubai. You may have known about these for some time now but are you aware of how effective they truly are?

We at Organic Press, produce the most premium juices which are completely raw and organic, making sure that there is no artificial sugar or preservatives in our products. We produce a range of drinks such as smoothies, nut milks and cleanse juices allowing you a choice and variety of flavours and drinks to pick from through the course of your diet. Our drinks are delicious and fresh which makes it all the more fun to drink, and have a 3 day shelf life which shows just how truly fresh they are.

The best part about our diet is that you don't have to continue it for long periods of time, but can follow our programmes of 3 days or 5 days and go for longer only if you feel confident that your body can handle it! Our diet is vegan and gluten free, which makes it open to anyone who wishes to go on diet the right way. There is a small procedure before starting the diet where you will have to stay off the carbohydrates and protein for two to three days for the best results.

This diet will not only help you lose a few pounds but the cleansing off of toxins is the most valuable benefit you could get out of it. It will help you feel refreshed and will moisturize your skin from the inside, while at the same time allowing you to take in vitamins and enzymes the natural way.

The question many ask us is whether it is safe to stay off carbs and proteins for so many days? And if their bodies, if not used to being without proteins, will be able to cope up. This really isn't a problem as even though proteins are important there is no harm in missing out some proteins for a couple of days as long as you have a regular protein intake soon after you finish this juice diet. Any further doubts could always be posted up on our site or you could write to us too.

August 08, 2017

Innovative flavours

Flavours flavours flavours!

In picking out your favorite drink or even meal, is flavour not the most important aspect that you go for? Despite the health benefits it brings, we can all agree on one thing! And that is that may it be a young customer or someone much older but food with great flavour always leave the shelves first!

With fast food filling up stores and restaurants, we have grown to become used to eating out of these places at all times, as these places are generally cheaper, easier to access and provide flavorsome food. Most places provide delivery too and separate delivery deals and menus which make it even more tempting to order from these restaurants!

However, have you paused to think about the consequences and adverse health effects regularly eating fast food could bring? While it not only puts you out of shape with the heaps of calories they contain, it also makes you more addicted to its preservative infused food, making it difficult for you to stop revisiting those shops.

It's time to stop! It really is! If not now, when?

If not at once, gradually at least.

It will rather difficult at first, may also seem impossible, however with juice diets in Dubai now reaching its peak, all our unhealthy habits seem not too hard to be dealt with.

You can start the cleanse with a three day program and if it's the flavour of raw and pure vegan food that you're not appealed by, give Organic Press's juices a shot. We have various vegetables, fruit and nut drinks, all made through locally sourced ingredients. We also provide activated charcoal drinks, which will allow you to stay, boosted and energized throughout the day, thus making you not as tempted to go eat junk food as opposed to your daily routine!

Our products can be delivered if you place the order before 11 am on the same day itself to any location within Dubai, which also make it convenient for you, especially if you are someone that works and finds it difficult to make your own juices at home.

While making your own juices at home too is an option for you, if you are trying to stick to a healthy diet and lose a few pounds, our blends of fruits and vegetables will give you that unique flavour which you simply cannot get trying to make it at home. This is because of the cold pressed process we use, as it prevents most air from mixing in with the juice and the juice is not exposed to any heat. Our blends include flavours such as,

  • Pineapple, apple, mist
  • Kale, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, chlorella, lemon, celery
  • Activate charcoal, lemon, cayenne, purified water, and agave
    And these are just a few of our options.

We also provide one of the most delicious coconut water drinks in Dubai, as claimed by many.  Our variations in flavour is certainly going to keep you going, once you have started your diet and three days of diet won't seem as difficult once you feel comfortable with our completely organic and raw smoothies.