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My 3-Day Detox Juicing Journey

I had the best 3-day detox juicing with Organic Press. It was my first time to do the detox juicing and I am lucky that I have chosen Organic Press. I am impressed with their juices as it taste delicious, making it easier for me to stick with the diet. I never felt hungry and I felt so refreshed even while I was working. After a few days, I can see the results in my body - I feel revived, with fresh skin, light tummy and most esp. I reduced weight. I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends!

Feeling Rejuvenated!

Deliveries were made on time and convenient. The juices were delicious and filling. I have done other juice cleanses before but the variety at organic press cannot be beaten. Looking forward to ordering more juices.


We’re more passionate than ever in helping our bodies withstand the trials of today - as if creating an alkaline environment was not already at the top of our agenda!

All of our ingredients used are certified Organic and Raw, using only the freshest handpicked fruits and vegetables to help give your immune system a stronger burst of life.