Juice Cleanse Information

Organic Press


Why Cleanse?

Modern day life can be hectic, which makes it hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Organic Press offers an effortlessly simple and truly natural solution – a range of bespoke Juice Cleanses.

Our signature Juice Cleanses programmes are brimming with nourishment and present the perfect way to detoxify, hydrate, heal and nourish your body. No mess of chopping and pressing fresh fruits and vegetables, no need for expensive equipment. Just sit back and sip your way back to true vitality.

Our cold pressed juices contain only 100% unadulterated, fresh produce and no preservatives, additives or sugar. So you can reap the benefits of good nutrition, just the way nature intended it to be.

We all need a kick starter once in a while, as every day contributes to the build-up of toxins including pollution, plastics, chemicals processed foods, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Our sensitive organs and immune systems were never designed to put up with this assault on the body, and thus we are left feeling sluggish, tired and stressed, having skin break outs, carrying excess weight, and having weakened immune systems.

An Organic Press Cleanse is the perfect way to boost your detoxification systems, flush out toxins, hydrate your cells and nourish your body.


To get the best results during your Organic Press Cleanse, we recommend that for at least 3 days prior, you should increase you hydration routine and drink plenty of water.

What to Expect On Your Cleanse?

You will probably need to adjust your lifestyle during the course of your Cleanse, especially for the first couple of days. Juice cleansing is a challenging but rewarding experience, and it is important to remember that the initial fatigue and hunger you face will subside after only a few days to leave you feeling clear-headed and refreshed.