When do you deliver and do you deliver every day?

We try to make the ordering and delivery process as simple and convenient to you. We deliver every day, except on Sunday, between the hours of 6pm-9pm.

Does someone have to be available during these hours?

Unfortunately yes, we will never leave your juices unattended as they will need to be refrigerated upon delivery. Our drivers are scheduled to delivery within these hours, so in the event that no one is available to accept the delivery, a re-delivery charge will be assessed.

Are your juices fresh upon delivery?

You can count on it. Our juices are prepared and pressed the same day of your delivery, and are delivered in refrigerated vans, so be prepared to receive some great tasting COLD pressed juices.

Do I have to schedule a cleanse days in advance?

Here at Organic Press, we cold press juice fresh daily, so there is no reason to schedule a cleanse, however you can if you would like to.

Can I receive my cleanse the same day I ordered it?

The cutoff time to order and receive a cleanse on the same day is 12pm; otherwise it will be delivered and prepared the following day.

Do I receive information on how to prepare for a cleanse?

You can refer to our ‘CLEANSE INFO’ Tab, but we also provide brochures with every order for your reading pleasure.

What is the difference between a “hydraulic press” and a regular juicer?

At Organic Press, all of our fresh produce drinks are produced using the highest quality juice press that exists. As opposed to a normal “centrifugal” juicer which takes a whole fruit or vegetable and squeezes out the juice, a hydraulic press actually grinds the produce wholly into a fine pulp, after which it applies thousands of pounds of pressure to this pulp, extracting every ounce of juice that the fruit or vegetable can possibly yield. The results are nutritious, smooth-tasting juices. The gentle pressing action allows for little to no air to be introduced into the juice, and because of this each bottle can be kept in sealed, refrigerated containers for up to 3 days with little loss of taste, nutrients, or color.

Where do you prepare your juices?

All our juices are prepared in our Kitchen Facility located in Al Barsha South, The Light Commercial Tower, Shop #9

Can I get juice delivered to me every day?

 Why yes of course. We provide free home deliveries every day (except on Sunday), so why not enjoy juice delivered to you every day.

Which Cleanse is best for me?

Think of our Cleanse 1, 2 and 3 Programs as Beginner, Intermediate and Expert levels. The main difference between the three levels corresponds to how many green juices vs. other juices you consume per day. If you are aren’t used to as much green juice, start with Cleanse 1 and gradually work your way up. The levels may be used in many different ways for different reasons. For example, if you have a condition where you can’t handle as much sugar, you can choose Cleanse 3, which contains more green juice than the others.

How will I feel while cleansing?

Each individual responds differently to a cleanse program, and it largely depends on your current diet and lifestyle factors as well as your own biological makeup. We have found that most people find Day 1 fairly easy, with lots of novelty and excitement about their cleanse. Day 2 can be slightly challenging, however by Day 3 most people report feelings of increased wellness, improved energy, self awareness and clarity throughout.

Will I be hungry?

Most people usually don’t feel hungry on an Organic Press cleanse, because there are plenty of bioavailable organic nutrients to keep you feeling fulfilled. If you really feel hungry or woozy, have a cup of herbal tea or snack on some raw vegetables, dried fruit or almonds to get you through to your next juice.

Will I lose weight?

It is important to understand that our cleanses are not designed for weight loss purposes, but rather to kick start your body’s detoxification systems and to motivate healthy habits. It’s a way to become more self aware and to learn to appreciate your body when it is filled with nourishment and health.

Can I cleanse for long periods of time?

Due to the restrictive nature of calories and protein, it is not appropriate as a long term diet. The restriction of protein can affect muscle mass, so at Organic Press, we only recommend cleansing for 3-5 days at a time.

Can I exercise during my Organic Press Cleanse?

Due to the restriction in calories and protein, only light physical activity is recommended. Walking, stretching, gently forms of yoga and swimming are great ways of boosting circulation. For athletes who need to maintain their normal level of activity, supplementation with good quality protein may be necessary.

Can I cleanse while I’m pregnant?

Being that our juices are 100% Raw, Organic and Unpasteurized, it is not recommended to cleanse while you are pregnant, as the raw nature of our produce used may contain harmful bacteria for the fetus.