Dieting The Right Way

Is there a right way to diet? Isn't dieting seriously bad for our health? What about the side effects of dieting such as gastritis and other sicknesses?

The word "diet" is commonly seen in a negative light because many of us don't follow a diet in the right way or in a way which is prescribed only for us by a professional. It could be a dietician for example. What we end up following is a diet sheet of someone else's and we simply assume that the same diet will work for us! This is why most of these diets end up leaving us sick or without any results.

So what really is a right way to diet? And how has dieting grown to be a more enjoyable experience over the recent years? While the right way to diet is by getting rid of junk food, excess carbohydrates and artificial sugar drinks, the trend has been set with the introduction of juice detox in Dubai. You may have known about these for some time now but are you aware of how effective they truly are?

We at Organic Press, produce the most premium juices which are completely raw and organic, making sure that there is no artificial sugar or preservatives in our products. We produce a range of drinks such as smoothies, nut milks and cleanse juices allowing you a choice and variety of flavours and drinks to pick from through the course of your diet. Our drinks are delicious and fresh which makes it all the more fun to drink, and have a 3 day shelf life which shows just how truly fresh they are.

The best part about our diet is that you don't have to continue it for long periods of time, but can follow our programmes of 3 days or 5 days and go for longer only if you feel confident that your body can handle it! Our diet is vegan and gluten free, which makes it open to anyone who wishes to go on diet the right way. There is a small procedure before starting the diet where you will have to stay off the carbohydrates and protein for two to three days for the best results.

This diet will not only help you lose a few pounds but the cleansing off of toxins is the most valuable benefit you could get out of it. It will help you feel refreshed and will moisturize your skin from the inside, while at the same time allowing you to take in vitamins and enzymes the natural way.

The question many ask us is whether it is safe to stay off carbs and proteins for so many days? And if their bodies, if not used to being without proteins, will be able to cope up. This really isn't a problem as even though proteins are important there is no harm in missing out some proteins for a couple of days as long as you have a regular protein intake soon after you finish this juice diet. Any further doubts could always be posted up on our site or you could write to us too.