The Benefits of Juice Cleansing after the Holidays!

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It’s time to take a healthy break; to take a break from everything – solid foods included! Juice fasting is the way to go if you’re looking to see a new and better you. It’s fast, effective, and you’ll feel great too. But what exactly are the benefits of juice fasting, and secondly, why should we do it after the holiday season?

We look at the 4 R’s of juice fasting: Reducing, Resting, Repairing, and Retreating. We’ll explore why juice cleansing is good for you to launch into a juice fast and how it interacts with our body and mind. Indeed, jumping into a juice fast, whether it’s for a day or a week can be daunting, but don’t be put off! By looking at the benefits of juicing you’ll be fueled into giving it a go and ready to reap the rewards too.

This is one of the best things about juicing right after holiday, you don’t need any equipment, pre-knowledge or carrier bags full of fruit & vegetable! Instead, you can just sit back, and enjoy the juice!


The ‘reduce-factor’ relates to temporarily reducing the intake of fats, fibers and carbs; allowing for maximum nutrition from a minimum input. This is great for kick starting our weight loss aspirations! However, more importantly, it helps train the body on the amount it needs to consume as well as what it should be consuming in the first place. It’s the bodies way of ‘learning on the job’.

Importantly, it also eliminates the impact of food stuff that may have a toxic effect on the body, the negative effects of gluten, refined sugar, dairy and alcohol. By taking these out of our diets for a day or more, we’re likely to notice some significant improvements in aspects of our health, especially relating to our skin.


The ‘rest-factor’ is all about getting the body to take some time off once in a while. Whether it’s stress or simply indulgence that causes us to do it, we fail to survive bad snacking habits and fall culprit to overworking our digestive system. We shouldn’t forget that our food choices get lumped on the mechanics of our body, the stomach, liver, kidneys. If we keep on overworking that internal clockwork, then unnecessary strains can lead to troublesome health problems.

Think about a runner who never stops running, not a good idea, right? Rest is important for recuperation and greater health. Our organs are the same; they’re not invincible, but instead end up working overtime when they could be doing other stuff – namely, repairing.


The ‘repair-factor’ allows our bodies to achieve optimum health. By allowing our internal organs to repair themselves, rather than just digest food all the time, we can start feeling healthier and happier straight away. Juicing is remarkable in this way, because it still delivers our body all the minerals and nutrients it needs, but without demanding any of the vigorous effort required to digest it.

At this point, the body can begin to shed toxins, fats, and any other unwanted hang ups. Indeed, juice fasting can be great to maintain a healthy emotional balance too as we get more in tune with how we feel during the fast and how our actions impact the body.


The benefits of juicing will be felt wherever you are, but if you’re in a dedicated detox retreat that’s intent on bringing about your healthy well-being, then you’ll feel it all the more! Having a professional to guide you through a juice fast takes out all the strain. They’ll be able to advise you on what fruits and vegetables to juice, and how this will impact your health.

Remember, if you’re keen to improve your health then approaching the issue holistically can prove especially fruitful.