Organic Press Eats



Organic Press Eats is a 100% Organic Plant Based Vegan meal plan designed to make you Eat & Feel better.

Perfectly handcrafted by our expert vegan chef Hayley Mac, Hayley has been creating vegan meals for X years, and was the culinary expert behind BE Supernatural. 

Organic Press & Chef Hayley Mac have now teamed up to bring to you an even better culinary tasting experience with our Vegan Meal Plan.

All Meals are Plant Based, Gluten & Dairy Free, and 100% Organic.

We pride ourselves in working with hand selected Organic Farms that locally source and grow our produce.

Each Day will include 3 Full Meals, 1 Snack, 2 Cold Pressed Juices and 1 Detox Infused Herbal Tea, all to leave you feeling nourished. 

Deliveries are done on a daily basis from Sunday - Thursday (5am-8am), and delivered in a cool box outside your door. 

3 Day Meal Plan - 927 AED (309/day) *Limited Time for the Month of March 2017

5 Day Meal Plan - 1,495 AED (299/day)

10 Day Meal Plan - 2,890 AED (289/day)

15 Day Meal Plan - 4,185 AED (279/day)

20 Day Meal Plan - 5,380 AED (269/day)

Please allow 48 hours to process your meal plan order

To place an order, please call us on 800-JUICE (584 23) or email us on

We offer a rotation of 10 Days of different variety of Vegan Meals, so you will never have the same meal twice in one week.

Click Here to view this weeks menu.