MOST POPULAR! Intermediate Cleanse (6 Juices & 1 Shot)

This new reshaped Intermediate Cleanse is designed to include a wider variety of Greens, to give you the widest array of nutrients.

As the most balanced one yet, it is tailored to those who have experienced juicing and who currently embrace an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits.

Slightly more intense that our Beginners Program, it promotes a deeper inner cleanse and assists in purifying the mind and body. 

This 3 liter bundle consists of the following juices:

  • Shot Stuff (60ml) x 1
  • Nine Essentials (500ml) x 1
  • Mean Green (500ml) x 1
  • Easy Greens (500ml) x 1
  • Tropical Bliss (500ml) x 1
  • Go Ginger (500ml) x 1
  • Vanilla Sky (500ml) x 1

Note: You can add as many days as you like. A 3 Day Package consists of two separate deliveries, and a 5 Day Package consists of three separate deliveries to ensure you receive the freshest juices as possible.

Total Calorie Count Per Day : 810 Kcal 

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