Expert Cleanse (6 Juices)

Our most advanced, the Expert Cleanse is geared towards green juice lovers and health enthusiasts. With plenty of green juices, it assists to eliminate toxins throughout the entire body, reboots the immune system and renews your natural state of health and well being. Our Ginger Shot is now included in all Cleanse Programs, to have first thing in the morning.

This 3 liter bundle consists of the following juices and shots:

  • Shot Stuff (60ml) x 1
  • Nine Essentials (500ml) x 4
  • Go Ginger (500ml) x 1
  • Vanilla Sky (500ml) x 1

Note: You can add as many days as you like. A 3 Day Package consists of two separate deliveries, and a 5 Day Package consists of three separate deliveries to ensure you receive the freshest juices as possible.

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